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Finally updated the page with my current equipment.


This is the view from the "sweet spot." 
The T.V. is a 16x9 Toshiba 50h82. The main speakers are Klipsch RF-3's, the center is a Klipsch RC-3, and the subwoofer is an SVS 20-39CS. 


Here you can see the surround speakers. They are Klipsch RB-3’s.      



Pictured here is my equipment rack. On the top shelf is a Harman/Kardon AVR 520 receiver. On the 2nd shelf is the PS2 and Sony SCD-CE775 SACD player. On the 3rd shelf is the X-box and Panasonic CP72 Progressive Scan DVD Changer. On the 4th shelf is the Hughes HIRD-D45 DirecTV receiver and my old crappy VCR. Finally, sitting on the very bottom is the Gamecube and an AudioSource 250 Watt monoblock amp, which powers the SVS.

Just another angle of the equipment rack.  All of the equipment is controlled  by a Phillips Pronto TS1000 (not pictured).